Three water activities you should do in Playa del Carmen

If yours is to do sports or maritime activities in Playa del Carmen there are many options to decide. Here we make some recommendations that you can try to enjoy your vacation. The best thing is that many of them can be done as a family and do not need specialized training.


A fun way to spend the day in Playa del Carmen is the Flyboard, an aquatic activity in which almost everyone can participate and that takes place in the beautiful blue waters of the Mexican Caribbean. 

To carry out this activity you need a table that, through two jets of propulsion water generated by a jet sky, rises above the waters. With the inclination of the feet the person who goes on the table can make various movements and turns, making it practically fly over water.

The table is easy to handle, in addition, because it is completely intuitive, in a few minutes most people are "flying". This practice can be done by people of almost all ages from the age of sixteen and is ideal for family practice.

It is a very safe activity and all instructors are certified and professional. Guaranteed fun on the beach.

There are different places where you can practice it, we recommend Flyboard Playacar, which is also only 15 minutes from your stay. We suggest that you ask for safety recommendations before booking the activity.

Its cost is approximately $ 100 per person.

Certified diving

If you are interested in diving to admire tropical fish, octopuses, turtles, starfish, manta rays, etc., this is a great option to take an express diving course in Playa del Carmen, where you can learn the basic principles of diving. .

This course includes a theory session, a pool session and a immersion in open water from a boatThey will also give you the necessary equipment and the accompaniment and supervision of a certified instructor. 


In this activity you can dive up to 36 meters deep and it is not necessary to have previous diving experience. We recommend asking for safety recommendations before booking this activity.

We recommend you check the site of Scuba Caribbean where you can see its different packages and activities.

Luxury sailing and snorkeling

If what you are looking for is a relaxing and fun ride enjoying an unbeatable view, this activity is for you. Board a catamaran to admire the Caribbean Sea leaving Playa del Carmen, this luxurious boat will take you along the coast to a place where you can practice snorkeling and other water activities.

On the boat you can enjoy a gourmet lunch and open bar included (after water practice, such as snorkeling and rowing). You can also admire the coral formations.

Boat Playa del Carmen

The activity includes roundtrip transportation to the hotel where you are staying and you can choose the morning or afternoon tour, its duration is approximately four hours and the minimum age to participate is eight years. You can check their page on TripAdvisor for safety recommendations, costs and reviews.