You won't want to miss Alux, the first restaurant in a cenote

The cenotes are mystical and sacred places for the Mayans, which is why the proposal of Alux, a restaurant-bar set up inside one of them, is extravagant.

Near the fifth avenue in Playa del Carmen, this modern place is located as elegant, mysterious and charming. A restaurant created inside a cenote of more than ten thousand years old, strongly linked to the Mayan culture.

In fact, it is precisely thanks to a Mayan belief that the establishment adopted its name, in reference to the aluxes, spirits of nature that inhabit (and protect) the jungles of southern Mexico.

According to Mayan mythology, the aluxes were the first inhabitants of the Earth and when a stranger enters a jungle guarded by them, he may be stoned, or he could develop fever, diarrhea, headache and even "bad air", It can only be healed by an expert warlock.

Alux, high-end Mexican cuisine

The concept of this restaurant is Mexican and it aims to provide diners with a unique gastronomic experience, through its exquisite signature food in which pre-Hispanic recipes and techniques are combined with international ingredients and trends.

On their menu, you can find smoked venison, lobster bisque, spaghetti with crab, bumbal chambarete, wild boar with peanuts and many other exotic dishes.

In addition, in Alux they have a wide bar of national, international drinks and Mayan cocktails that will delight even the most exquisite palate.

Not to mention that this one-of-a-kind restaurant offers excellent service, so not only its delicious food will make you fall completely in love with Alux; as well as a romantic and extremely cozy atmosphere with its flickering chandeliers and candles.

At the end of your dinner, you can tour the Alux cave system until you reach the waterfall, it will take you around 10 minutes and it is an additional activity that will fascinate you.

How to get there and what dress code is there?

Alux is located in a cenote a few blocks from Fifth Avenue in the center of Playa del Carmen, on Benito Juárez Avenue, just 8 minutes from Heart District by GuruHotel.

Its dress code is comfortable and elegant, which means that you could wear a button-down shirt (in the case of men) or some semi-formal dress (in the case of women), however, you should wear fresh clothing as inside the cenote the temperature is high and you don't want to end up sweating too much.